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  • Arseny Kravchenko

    Arseny Kravchenko

    Sceptical data cruncher.

  • Insaf Ashrapov

    Insaf Ashrapov

    Lead Data scientist at Sberbank

  • Michael Perlin

    Michael Perlin

    Full stack data scientist @ Volkswagen: AI, Architecture, DevOps, Cloud. https://twitter.com/ttzt_mp, https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-perlin-7227909/

  • Yury Kashnitsky

    Yury Kashnitsky

    Data Scientist at KPN, Netherlands, leader of mlcourse.ai

  • Andrew Lukyanenko

    Andrew Lukyanenko

    Russian by birth. Economist by education. Polyglot as a hobby. DS as a calling

  • Denis Vorotyntsev

    Denis Vorotyntsev

    Data Scientist at Unity, Helsinki. Opinions are my own

  • Paul-Louis Pröve

    Paul-Louis Pröve

    AI @ Lufthansa

  • Thomas Ott

    Thomas Ott

    Dogs love me. Scorpio. https://thomasott.io

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